Inspired by Brooklyn's theme post, and my slow shopping intention, I decided to try to put together a few themes.
1. Earthy Sophisticate. Angie gave me that one, and I was wondering how to implement it-since earthy colors tend to be in very casual fabrics and silouettes. Enter-Peruvian Connection. Yaaas The colors and prints of many of the dresses are just right for my coloring and the shapes look like they'll work for hourglassy body. Add gold/copper/ cognac sandals and bollywood style jewelry-done!
2. Sunset. I can't go too earthy all the time and still love my hot pinks, warm purples, oranges, and burgundies. Worn together and usually without black.
3. The Boss. My formal workwear, or anytime I need a confidence boost. Black, burgundy, red with very intentional/streamlined shapes-to avoid nondescript placeholder black essentials. Structured but still 100% Woman Sorted for summer with my lbds, but need a winter version.