I've been admittedly resistant to the high-waisted pant and jean trend. I tried a pair on sometime last year, and nearly died from embarrassment at how bad they looked. No, I didn't keep trying on different sizes and more styles and brands, because the jeans just felt awful and SO unflattering.

I appreciate how lovely they look on all of the young bloggers - but have really had a hard time wrapping my head around how someone with my body type (short waisted, larger breasts that sit far too low, and with a decidedly unflat stomach ) could possible wear these. Especially when a cropped or tucked top seems to the be the logical companion piece.

Then it started to become a key look/subject here on YLF and I've been feeling quite out-of-it. Fast forward to Friday's post about black highwaisted jeans , which prompted me to dig out my one pair of faded black wash CE Stiletto skinnies, that are now at least 3-4 years old. UGH. I didn't feel current and fresh in them at all, and the whole outfit just felt wrong. I was yanking the jeans up all day, and then fussing with the legs. Over it, done with them. Then ....the catalyst that sent me over the edge - this photo of Cindy Crawford in her long , higher waisted flares, looking (of course) like a million bucks. Elegant, current and not so try-hard trendy. This is how I want to look. And I'm headed out as soon as I have a free morning to shop and see if I can find a decent pair of higher-waisted, full length jeans. I usually move a lot quicker with changes in silhouettes, but this one had me stuck for far too long. The whole skinny jean over long top look seems decidedly unfresh - funny how that happens . I'm looking forward to experimenting to find MY version of this new look. Thanks Angie - sorry I took so long

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