I have a pretty good working wardrobe lying in waiting for the colder season. But I can’t help starting to wonder what I might add to refresh. At the start of this year I resolved to add more sophisticated color combinations to my pretty neutral casual wardrobe. For spring-summer I succeeded and added mainly spring green and seafoam (my color of the year). These shades have proven versatile for me as they combine well with navy, grey and denim blue as well as with olive for tonal dressing.
Versatility is key: I’m not great with color but these new pieces served to replace grey and navy stuff I’d gotten tired of wearing in such large doses.

So for the colder season I want to stick to that strategy. Here’s a collection of pieces I’ve spotted online that have potential. The two pairs of booties are on order as casual cognac shoes will likely be the most useful item I can add for the rest of the year, what with more wfh. I loved both these pairs by the brand Tamaris which has worked out well for me before.

I want to add at least one warm cardigan for wfh (but polished). Not 6 :). Lavender has been on my list for months now and I’m liking this style with lots of neck-shoulder-point definition. A cosy hoodie would be nice and a longline cardigan extends the proportion possibilities. The first three pieces could be a mini capsule on their own. For this fall I’m feeling turtlenecks with cardis, even better if they’re tonally matched...

Any thoughts? Have you defined key colors, silhouettes or styles for the new season yet?