I have had some time to play with my wardrobe and tackle why I don't wear most of it. I am tired of shopping again and again thinking I might have a closet hole to fill with an item which would magically patch everything and make sense of the overabundance of garments my IKEA pax wardrobes constantly disgorge. So I decided to grab the bull by its horns, bite the bullet and reassess my present body and what I have to dress it.
Thanks to reading some posts on this forum, and persuing the research online further, I started to see some particularities of my shape: inverted triangle, long torso, high waist, narrow hips, athletic round thighs.
Not only my mid section is long, but my waist - the narrowest part of it - sits pretty high, almost immediately under my ribs. This leaves a looooong rise.
So, no wonder I struggle with "low waists" (OMG you mean waistless in my case).
So I purged a lot of bottoms that had too much of a low waist and vowed to never buy them again.
I read blogs and listened to advice on fashion vlogs for long torsoed women, IT women, athletic women, etc. and came up with the conclusion that pants that were ample and high waist would be most flattering.
As I happen to own a few pairs, here they are below. All these outfits make me feel happy, so it should say something about dressing for your shape, taking in consideration waist placement and things like long/short torso.

1- Loose fit boyfriends from Gap ("1969"). I feel really good in this and only wish my city was more southern or it was summer already. I think the secret is the pump sling back;
2 and 3 - Long fluid high waist palazzo style by Kookai, with pointy flats. I'm feeling very free. Notice how low the "high waist" sits on me? Long torso.
4 - Same Kookai pants, with the tunic top tucked;
5 - And now with a very ample semi-transparent tunic blouse also from Kookai. I don't know why I never put these two fantastic items together until today???
6 - mid-rise smart slacks from Talbots, flat booties. This I think is the lowest rise I can afford. Lots of happiness and confidence.
7 - Same pants with a tight jersey top and pumps. Also very comfy and versatile.
8 - Trying this new silhouette: pointy flats, long palazzo pants (also from Kookai), white extra thick cotton cami from Talbots and a 1980's oversized black jacket from Pink Martini. Pant leg is dragging, but I think I will keep it that way intentionally, just to see. However I like these pants and wouldn't want to ruin them.
9 - Same pants, same top, minus the jackets, and with heeled pumps. I think I could dig this look.
10 - with an open black summer dress as a topper.
11 and 12 - again the black Kookai wide-leg high waist pants with the earlier tunic.
13 - With a Melanie Lyn tunic (I easily look like a stewardess but I don't mind).

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