Last few days I have been going through my wardrobe, concentrating on fall/winter needs and wardrobe holes, making plans and lists. I realized that almost all my black essentials are too big and need replacement. Black is my main dark neutral in fall winter season but I don’t wear it at all during spring/summer, never have, it just seems too harsh for me. But now I am rethinking role of black in my fall/winter wardrobe. I am wear tracker and have years of data to analyze. I realized that I actually don’t wear much my solid black items. Especially solid black on top, like blazers, sweaters or coats. Items like black tweed, herringbone or like are getting more wear than solid flat black items. I am buying black shoes by default- everyone needs black shoes, right ? - but they get skipped over for my red, cream or snakeskin footwear. I think black footwear even though it is practical and widely available doesn’t work with my hair that well. My black handbag didn’t have outing in years. So what I am trying to say? Maybe I don’t need to replace my black essentials, maybe I would be better of with some other dark neutral? Maybe they are not even essentials for me anymore? Should I use this opportunity to stear my fall winter wardrobe in new direction color wise? All my black items in finds are years old, and I don’t enjoy shopping for them. But I always thought that I have to have black pants, black blazer, black top, black coat, black skirt etc.