Good morning lovelies! I spent a good portion of my holiday break during a MAJOR closet overhaul. Since my goal for the new year is recapture my style, I thought it best to critcially evaluate the items in my closet, evaluate what wardrobe gaps I have, then use the money that I had been gifted to fill those holes. After 2 days worth of work, I have made two key observations:

1. I feel the most comfortable and confident in dresses/skirts - My closet had numerous pairs of trousers but only 2 pair really made me feel polished. However, I felt polished, pretty, and ready to take on the world in ALL of my dresses and skirts.

2. My wardrobe gaps are as follows:

- a few basic colored skirts (grey/navy/black) - I have lots of patterned skirts but I need solids to build various outfits around.
- layering tanks - my current ones are several years old and really don't accommodate my current chest size (thank you pregnancy/breastfeeding)
-Shoes - My current shoe collection does not include any pumps or work appropriate heels. Must remedy soon!
-Tops that accommodate breastfeeding - My body is in a strange place right now. I am close to my pre-pregnancy weight but my chest is much larger due to breastfeeding so my pre-pregnancy tops just don't fit or work for having to nurse/pump. I need to look for tops that I can slip off my shoulder rather than having to completely remove for pumping.

Once I realized what I needed, I decided on my plan of attack. I have a limited budget so I need to approach my shopping in a deliberate manner so that I can get the most "bang for my buck". As of today, my plan is to invest in higher end skirts and shoes as these items our ones that I will be wearing for much longer than breastfeeding friendly tops (only plan to breastfeed until baby girl is 1 (half-way there).

With all that being said, I haven't shopped in quite some time so I am looking for recommendations on great quality skirts and shoes especially ones that are good for fussy feet (think high arches!)

Thanks in advance!