I never thought I'd say this, but packing for trips is f-u-n. Just when it became the complete opposite of gigantic stress I am not sure, but it has something to do with the magic word capsule. From forum members' own observations and clever packing tips, to my own experiences over the past few years - and yes, I mean YLF years - the process has become so streamlined that I cannot wait for the opportunities to pack.

My summer travels are a mixture of seaside vacation and spending time with family and friends, and include several locations i.e repacking and travelling to get from A to B to C to... Laundering is possible. Also, since I'm travelling at the end of August, the experience tells me it's likely that the first week of September (my second and final week) might bring significant drop in temperatures. This translates to rater casual wardrobe requirements that have to span hot weather to rainy days.

The funniest thing is that everything fits easily in the suitcase together with my son's wardrobe and it's all well below the luggage allowance. I'm even tempted to throw a few more things in just because I can, such as my chambray shirt if I find time to sew on the button that fell off !

Here is what I packed. I'm afraid I won't be modelling the outfits for you like Diane did with her gorgeous travel wardrobe in her thread, but I will do my best to snap some outfits in action and post them when I return.

#1 - The whole lot. The olive jacket as my only topper made it to the capsule because of the Friday's ensemble post. Notice the patterned b&w dress in the top right corner. I took it form the holding zone thinking I might give it a chance as a beach dress, but decided that my other option is much better and enough, so I did not pack it in the end. Also, bottom centre: the accessories - 2 belts, 1 black bangle and the only scarves I will take. Pearl studs are n my ears all the time.

#2 - Footwear. Red Birkenstock Gizeh, Neutral oxfords, black Clarks Viveca Zeal sandals, B&W beach sandals. Black oxfords added later, because I remember how cold and wet it was last year and I want more closed footwear options.

#3 - Beach-ready. New black bikini, old striped bikini, old turquoise one piece, new casual black dress to be worn as beach cover.

#4 - Warm weather tops: navy 3/4 sleeve t-shirt, striped b&w t-shirt, blue linen shell top, red knitted top.

#5 - Cold-weather tops: black fluid 3/4 sleeve top, striped long sleeved top, white button down (I always pack white button down for my trips for the unexpected situations that may occur when I might need to look more formal).

#6 - Bottoms: dark jeans, white jeans, white capri pants to be worn with the beach dress, black skirt.

#7 - Airport outfit.

I'm taking two handbags, the white bag I bought a few weeks ago and my trusted small black backpack.

Thanks for looking. Anything else I should bring? Comments and suggestions welcome.