last year there were lots of posts about what we were purchasing. Much less of that this year. Lets talk about last spring/summer purchases that were your best, and what is still going this year. We had a very hot summer last year, so I got little wear out of my early spring purchases. In my warm climate some are year round wear-like my white denim jacket, which was my best purchase last spring. A couple of not so good were white loafers, and navy pumps. The navy pumps stretched out so much on the second wearing they fell off my feet. seemed loafers were a big trend last spring, and there were lots of post of loafer purchases. Although mine are very comfy and stay on my feet, I just have not worn them much. I also bought navy loafers, and wear them a bit more. I just do not find loafers really my kind of footwear.

Of last spring purchases that are still going strong are rushed sleeve ponte blazer, the white denim jacket, black caged heeled sandals, and the Birk styled like Muk Lucks from Target. almost never wear the dressy track pants, or the wide leg soft pants.

Am doing much better this year, love my peep toe booties, sling back peep toe 2 inch heel Franko Sartos. blush silk jacket: jogger pants-- need more fluid cotton tops will be about my only new purchase right now. Thinking about low wedge black sandals--maybe espadrilles.

So what are your new this spring trends? What still trending, and or worn this year?