This posts speaks to jeans and how they telescope your trendiness. I didn't want to use that particular word, but the correct word escapes me at this time.

It kills me because I think it is true. Although I try hard to refresh my wardrobe by closely following Angie's and Forum Member's style journeys, I have the hardest time with slacks/jeans.

When BF jeans were all the rage, I just couldn't make them work for me. I always felt sloppy and somewhat ridiculous wearing them. I could never make them look effortless or intentional. Hence, I looked ridiculous and like I was trying just too damn hard.

I have issues with cropped jeans as well. Although cropped jeans would be ideal for both my climate and my lifestyle, I always felt like they made me look oddly stumpy. Like the proportions were all wrong. I wore them, but I never felt fabulous in them. Eventually I resolved to not add any cropped pants/jeans to my wardrobe because of how they made me feel.

I have yet to dip my toe into this current trend of cropped and wide-legged jeans. My eye has adjusted to it thanks to all the Forum Members that have posted WIWs. I haven't had time to shop or experiment with them yet. I kinda think I am going to look ridiculous in them though because they combine elements of BF jeans and cropped jeans. How funny will that be?

So currently I am wearing full length dark denim jeans. I have also embraced ankle length and come to love it. For some reason I can get the proportions more correct with ankle length than cropped length. But I still wear slim cuts.

I am sad but I take some solace in the fact that I don't see cropped, wide-legged slacks/jeans anywhere in my real world.