My BF and I were at the Mall today. I saw this dress and fell in love.

Let me tell why that makes no sense.

1. My BF does not like this dress. He thinks it looks like a sack.
2. I don't wear dresses, but without a doubt I love the color.
4. It is expensive. My clothing budget is nearly gone.
5. Buying this dress makes no sense financially.
6. I could wear this dress to work, but it is cotton and I imagine it would wrinkle a lot from sitting at a desk.
7. It does not fit into my wardrobe rebuild plan (although the color does).

Ok. I get it now. I fell in love with the color. What I need to do is find this exact color in a top.

I almost bought it ... on an totally impulsive whim. I couldn't get it out of my mind. Now I realize it was the color all along.

That was close. Must stay out of malls for a while There are too many visual temptations that make my brain go to mush.