Angie's blog post and the discussions it raised were very thought-provoking for me. I realise that I have been building my wardrobe on outfit heroes - not on outfit foundations.

It's probably time ot take a step back and think of my essentials. What are they? Are they coherent with each other, are they consistent with my style aspirations?

As of now, I have identified the following :

  • Dark wash bootcut jeans. This week I'm following torontogirl's "no jeans" challenge and have a hard time composing outfits without my beloved dark bootcuts.
  • Block heel ankle boots. I have two pairs (black and brown) that I can wear nearly all-year round and that are comfortable enough for everyday wear.
  • Plain V-neck, mock-neck or boatneck tees. My everyday silhouette is composed of bootcuts + top + jacket/blazer, and simple tees are the easiest base layer. I don't have many of them though! From memory I can only count 4 of them, but many more embellished, printed or patterned ones that get less wear.
  • Plain, simple structured jackets/blazers. Ideally, they should go with most (if not all) essential tees, don't they? I'm not sure the ones I have actually do. Or would they better be paired with non-essential, special tees and blouses, and let the essential tees be worn with special jackets? I feel confused on how to evaluate their consistency.
  • Plain, simple A-line knee length dresses. I have three of them - olive, navy and black. Sounds good. Except that I can't pair them with many other wardrobe items...Do they still qualify as essentials?

I also realise that I have often chosen these essentials without much attention (especially the tees). Don't you think the fit and quality of essentials deserve special consideration?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and insight, and sorry if I'm overthinking. Thank you anyway for having taken the time to read my questioning!

-- ETA --

The weather is deteriorating in my area, and I realise I would like a long-sleeved turtleneck tee. A much needed winter essential, since it's at least the tenth time this comes to my mind. I began looking online for such an item, and end up with what I consider as a classic essential shopping dilemma :

 - Turtleneck tee from photo #1 is from a brand I know for its nice quality, currently on -30% sale, but a color that can only be paired with a few of my toppers.

 - Turtleneck tee #2 is the same as #1, in black - very easy to pair with everything in my closet, but is not on sale.

 - Turtleneck tee #3 is also black, better quality than #1 and #2 but higher maintenance (silk-cotton blend rather than viscose), on -40% sale but still twice as expensive as #1 and much more than #2.

I'm confident in the fit and quality of all three items, but I'm confused as which one would have the best value as an essential...What do you think?

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