Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has me thinking of getting a new pair of knee-high boots.

Mainly I'm a little tired of the brown pair that I have, the Born Sosie from a few years ago, which is just like the Born Roxie below. Mine are a shade called "tan brush-off." They are a weathered looking shade that I think of as tobacco brown; it's a brown that has an ever so slight olive tinge that goes really nicely with my wardrobe. They are super comfortable, and I can wear them with tights or over skinny pants. I don't know why I'm feeling the urge for new ones, although I will say that when I bought them, I felt they were a serviceable boot I could wear for a few years. I wanted a brown boot and they fit the bill, for a reasonable price.

I also have the Donald J. Pliner Devi, from two years ago, in black. I love them. I had to have them then, and I still love them now. I have re-heeled them once. They are my perfect black boot. They fit over skinny pants and also look great with tights.

My other knee-high boots are Pikolinos from several years ago, smooth leather, wedge heel, that fit closely on my calf and go with stockings or tights only. Not over pants. They are my version of a refined, or dressy boot. They are still good and serve their purpose.

So far from NAS I have tried the Aquatalia Obsession and the AGL Italia, each in a beautiful deep shade of espresso. Neither fit my calf. Today I brought home the Ecco Sullivan, in moonstone (gray). I thought they looked nice on me in the store, but when I got them home, I realize they are not a shade of gray that plays well in my closet. I would need a more brown gray (that Angie calls "donkey"), or taupe. So back they will soon go!

I have browsed around, mostly online, for non-NAS boots and not found anything that looks exciting or promising for me. I'm carefully reading calf circumferences (mine is 15.5"--curiously, the Devi is listed as having a 14" circumference, so it may have changed, or these measurements may not be all that definitive, because my Devis fit nicely!). And I'm looking for just those shades that will go with my wardrobe: deep, dark browns or taupes, and either of these with a greenish undertone. Cognac shades are lovely but not me. Those criteria alone eliminate a lot of possibilities, even before we get into what's-my-style considerations.

It has occurred to me to try the Devi 3 in brown, but I kept rejecting the idea. I'm not sure it's quite the right shade of brown--maybe a little too reddish. (Haven't seen it in person, though.) Then it dawned on me: the Devi 3 comes in olive this year!! A favorite neutral of mine. The idea of an olive Devi is really appealing to me. But the boot is such a distinct style. And I'm not a big duplicator--except in layering tees and the like, oh and I have a few pairs of AGL ballet flats (which, hmmm, are they like layering tees for the feet?? kind of a basic style).

Well, if you've followed me this far, what are your thoughts? I haven't seen the olive Devi IRL. I could order it and try it out. But is it even worth heading down that path? Do I really want to duplicate this boot? Or I could just continue on with my current boots, which honestly are just fine. Thanks for any musings you wish to share!