I just had a lot of my house painted and I had to clear out my closets to do it. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with stuff (not just clothes), and I’m at a higher weight than I’d like (still). I had originally told myself to see if I lose weight by the end of the year. If not, out goes the stuff that doesn’t fit, so it’s not in the closet taking up room. I am confident I can replace something if I need to, even if it’s with something that’s not identical. That said, I’m also thinking that I won’t have a bunch of money to spend on clothes next year, and that what I get will need to be a little dressier/business casual as opposed to the largely casual wardrobe I have now.

I’m about to put clothes and shoes back in the closet, and I guess I’m looking for a bit of hand holding to validate that if I haven’t worn something in a couple years, at whatever weight I am or will be, it’s unlikely I’m going to miss it much if it goes. I want order and both mental and physical space.