It is getting towards the end of summer - or is it early autumn - who knows now - we used to call this Indian Summer - but is that an okay term to use?  And we have not had a frost yet so maybe it is not even accurate?

Either way - usually over the next month I phase out my summer clothes and wear transitional pieces - by late April or May I bring in the wintery pieces.  I don't have a special fall capsule although there are some climate appropriate items that I don't want to wear.

The five pieces below have been "slackers" this summer and have been lightly worn - or not worn at all.  I excuse one or two occasion wear pieces that I haven't had the right evening for (no weddings, no dressy birthdays or cocktail parties or races days).

  • Coral sheer tank - worn once this summer- it is about four years old and has had about 15 wears total.  I like it but it needs a body suit or the right bra and cami.  It is a little bare so good for very hot summer nights - but when it is that hot I am fussy with what pants I wear.
  • Yellow tee - cropped and only works with high waisted jeans.  I haven't worn jeans much as it has been too hot.  I like this but I do rarely wear it (twice this summer).  I estimate about 8 wears in total.
  • Black tunic - I used to wear this with a black slip or with leggings or with black flares - the first feels too bare now and I am not really into the last two.  Estimate of 15 wears in total over 12 years. I no longer have the white pants shown in the photo.
  • Black kimono - I like this with black pants or jeans for casual social occasions but haven't worn it for a year.  Not sure why not?  Estimate of 20 wears in total.
  • Cream jacket - two seasons old - I have mostly worn with a column of black for about four occasions, or with jeans and a blue silky top for a couple more.  I see it as a classic - am I right?  I suspect this has had about 15 wears in total.  Only worn once this summer but  this is trans-seasonal for indoor wear.
I think the kimono and cream jacket should stay - trying to decide about the other pieces.  Or styling ideas so I can wear them more?

I can't find a photo of me in the cream jacket but there are some assorted photos of the other items below.

Thanks in advance!

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