I'm afraid I don't have a photo of myself in it yet, but like LaPedestrienne, I availed myself of the Black Friday sales and picked up a Thermoball Parka (like Angie, Una, Staysfit, and numerous others here.) I've taken it out in various conditions in the past week and it's a complete winner for my casual needs!

Incredibly lightweight, surprisingly warm and insulating for that weight, reasonably good in wind (though some reviews faulted it for that, I haven't found it a problem) and a real winner in misty rain, keeping me completely dry. It is probably best for temperate climates -- I haven't tried it in anything below about 0 C -- (or low 30s F) -- but if you're in motion and wearing insulating under-layers I suspect it would work for colder temps also.

For reference, I don't run super cold except for my hands -- Reynauds, argh! -- but nor do I run warm. In other words, I consider myself average in my temperature tolerence. But my outdoor wear is for activity as a rule, not for waiting at bus stops and the like -- where I think warmer coats are more important.

I need a coat to throw on for my daily long walks in changeable weather, something for going to the gym, etc. and I was really looking for one in a bright happy colour. This definitely fits the bill. Thanks, Angie for the recommendation!