So, as I commented on today's blog post, I now have a "stay at home" life, but am determined not to fall into the rut of living in gear.

It's funny, though. In my old town, when you saw moms living in gear, they were usually in shapeless sweatpants and hoodies. It was very much an "I give up" look: totally practical and totally unflattering, usually accompanied by zero makeup and "oh, don't look at me" hair.

In my new town, the gear look is different. I'll describe it by telling you about something I saw in the post office one day around the holidays. It was about two in the afternoon and two little boys were there in their pajamas with total bedhead. Their mom, on the other hand, was in gear, but she was in high-end, form-fitting yoga pants, high-end athletic shoes, perfect makeup, with hair flat-ironed to a T. (If you're picturing Melania Trump, well done.)

I don't know -- I say even if you look gorgeous (which this mom did), and even if you're in $200 yoga pants, gear is gear.

Am I wrong about that?