Such fun to see your style evolution! I had to post this photo as it shows you wearing the legendary Sam Edelman heels that we all ran around in! (Can you believe we managed in those heels?!) This is summer of 2013 in Seattle. (Tommy was all shopped out, haha!).

Oooh, Laura -- fun pic! And you a blonde!

Angie, back to enjoy the second set...I love all your outfits but especially 3, 9, 12, 17, 28, 29, 32 and 34. Of course I might be biased since I own some of the very same pieces in 3, 17 and 34, LOL, or rather, it was the sight of you in those pieces that made me want to buy them! You look amazing, no matter what.

As you say, the signature sour brights and structured bags remain, but you have amped up the pretty and feminine. I love how your style stays very "you" through all the trends.

That’s a great great photo Laura!

So much black back in day, which surprises me
But always such joy in style

Lord how I love your fearless style

I think the color, drape, structure and sense of fun is so strong running through these photos! So fun to see how it has translated over the years!

Angie, I always think of you and associate Angie with very light colors, which is stupid when I look at these pics because your colors are very bright and happy and fun. And yet, I do see lots of white shoes and other hints of whites and lights throughout. Our brains are weird creatures LOL

Angie, I love the white knee-high boots. Wow! Your style is so fun and creative. Lots of interesting layering and colour combinations happening in all your outfits.

A feast to my eyes! Wow, I remember all.these.beautifull.outfits!!!! But can you believe I only noticed the genial monument with the man and the sewing maschine in the background of nr 6- now, so 10 years later?? OMG, I've been known to have an outstandingly good visual memory so I surely was blinded by your outfit back then!!!---Now- I have to have another cup of tea this evening, LOL:-)).

Oh, and I noticed you generally wear the same colors as those back then, sans the all blacks,...and...the occasional greys---whicht proove it still look(ed) good on you!

I haven’t read the comments but I love the pictures. The picture of the jobpur pants is my favorite because because that’s what you wore when we went shopping.
I love your outfits over the years.

So fantastic! Your photos just make me happy. Bright colors, your lovely smile and colorful specs and such gorgeous puppies No way can I narrow it down to a fav. Too much fabness happening here.

This is like a trip down memory lane!! I remember all of these—can you believe it? That flower belt? I had one in black/brown. Those tall lace up Docs, the jodhpurs jeans. All so fab and playful!! Your style has changed but not a lot—I still love your style!

Wow - such a treat to see your 2011 and 2019 style. A beautiful style evolution. Glad to see that Yorkies are a constant. My husband and I have had 4 Westies since marrying 25 years ago and have been such a great influence in our lifes - definite happiness factors.

Yorkshire terriers bark in a Northern English accent... Fact.

You are ALL sooooooo nice! THANK YOU so much

Laura, what a KILLER time we had. Fun pic! Tommy cracks me up....

Angie you haven’t aged a bit, I thought those first photos were current you fooled me
My favorite outfit of all is #5 on the very first post, the classic black top, black glasses, dark wash jeans, gray boots, and snakeskin pattern belt look so fab on you and the white watch matches it all too, I think I need to borrow it all from you ;D and looking back at past posts and outfits of yours since I only joined in 2019 I had no idea you were so into wearing belts with your outfits; I wish I knew earlier to ask you for more advice

Your Yorkies are adorable and look so well behaved, they should be models for a doggie fashion line

Oh my gosh, how did I miss this when you posted?? How do you ALWAYS manage to look so phenomenal?!

Jess, I appreciate the kind compliments

Nemosmom, you make me laugh!

Classic goes a long way. YLF forever!!

There can be only one answer, Nemosmom... Angie is a Dutch Time Lord !!

Cee, a Dutch Time Lord WITH a Super Yorkie

Naz, never underestimate the power of Modern Classics.

What a feast for the eyes.
My favourite parts of your 2019 style are:
- your glasses. Don’t ever change them. They’re the best
- loafers. You look so at home I’m loafers.
- midi skirts with a simple top. This is a great silhouette!

My favourite pieces of yours are the doted handkerchief skirt and the light light blue-and-white striped shirt dress.

Seriously, I think you'd do a pretty decent job of it !

What a fabulous challenge! Really and truly a picture (or a whole lot of them) is worth a thousand words! I can easily see the core principles of your style stay at at the center as you have fun with fashion and allow your expression of that personal style to develop and shift to meet your needs. Brava!

Smittie, you make me smile,

Cee you crack me up.

Beth Ann, thanks for being so gracious.

You're welcome... Doctor