Hi again! So I am (apparently!) really enjoying the bit of down-time I have this weekend to some sartorial navel-gazing -- sorry about clogging the feed! -- but this mid-year/mid-season moment feels like a good time to check in for many of us (go read Jenn and Carla and Sal's updates if you're bored of mine!).

One thing that became really clear looking over my recent and past purchases is that one "color" has definitely come out the winner in 2020, and it's WHITE.

White feels clean and safe and comforting in these tough times; it also is fairly flattering for my skin tone on video calls and feels modern and fresh in contrast with my now-very-long dark hair. I find that I've really turned away from black, which is feeling dark, grim, and overly severe in the shoulders-up snippet that I present in online meetings and social engagements. Since, like everyone else, I've also been spending more time at home and less time out in the city, some of the practical reasons from preferring dark over light colors (exposure to grit and grime) are not part of my life at the moment, and I don't anticipate they will be for quite some time. It's a fascinating change, and one that I'm embracing.

Has anyone else found their color preferences changing this year? How about your 2020 color goals: how are those going for you?