This is week 5 of the Una
challenge for me, which is not so much about silhouette variance as
forcing myself NOT to wear my FFBO 2-3 times per week, given I've been
amassing some really great other clothes.

So, my criteria:

My "criteria":

1. The FFBO… comfortable dress trousers and a sweater.

2. Long/oversized over lean (a silhouette which is good on me, and I need to play with more)

3. Colour (My FFBC(olour) is black)

4. Pants that are either coloured or patterned (again way too easy for me to wear black or navy every day)

5. A skirt or a dress

6. A wildcard or pushing the envelope a bit. This would include
copying an inspiration, or one of Angies styling recommendations.

7. And newly added: Button up shirt.

And, this weeks efforts:

1. Sunday errands - Christmas shopping!

2. Work - Dress and colour

3. Work - long/oversized over lean. Hmm, maybe not so lean, but I still think the proportions worked - do you?

4. I was off on Wed, so wore this to do some errands. Button up, Angie inspirited "cardigan - jeans-booties" Slippers were for indoors Black booties worn out.

5.Christmas potluck at lunch - long over lean, and colour

Work - casual day, plus my last day before Christmas, and our Christmas
lunch with my immediate group. I don't usually wear distressed jeans
to work, but well, I had no meetings and just felt like it. Sweater is
slightly shimmery. Not sure if this meets any of my "criteria" but it
was different in that I semi-tucked for the first time in a while.

Well, I think I hit them all this week, except the coloured/patterned pants. And.. I also didn't wear my
FFBO!!! That in itself is a small victory. I have to say, it's getting
easier to think of variety rather than "ugh, I don't know, lets grab
the FFBO today". Which is really what this was all about.

Comments on anything and everything welcome!

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