When Una posted last week about challenging herself to mix up her silhouettes a bit, it struck me as a good idea to develop a little challenge like this for myself. Despite having a wardrobe that is full of variety and possibilities, I seem too often grab for the same ole thing… a pair of black Mexx pants that are oh so comfortable, and a sweater. Snooze… I will tell myself to mix things up a bit, but then seem to convince myself I’ll be better the next day. Then the next day. Then the week has disappeared and I’ve not worn anything interesting. This especially happens when I’ve got a lot going on, and am tired, which is pretty much what November has been like.

So my challenge to myself… each week, I need to wear each of the following (to work). At least one per day. Yes, there are more than five things, as some will overlap. But I need to fit them all in. So this also takes a bit of planning so I don’t end up with four elements on Friday! Oh, and I often work a four day week, so that increases the challenge/planning factor a bit. This isn't so much different silhouettes, as making me play with MY wardrobe in a way that will force me to plan and think a bit more than I do.

1. The FFBO… comfortable dress trousers and a sweater.

2. Long/oversized over lean (a silhouette which is good on me, and I need to play with more)

3. Colour

4. Pants that are either coloured or patterned (way too easy for me to wear black or navy every day)

5. A skirt or a dress

6. A wildcard or pushing the envelope a bit. This would include copying an inspiration, or one of Angies styling recommendations.

Based on how this week went, I really think this will force me to play more with my clothes. Yay! And thanks Una for the inspiration.

OK, the outfits:
1. The FFBO. Off to a great start! This one also incorporates colour.
2. Long over lean. Although, this really isn't very lean. Hmm.
3. Patterned pants
4. Skirt
6. White out! Definitely "out there" for this part of the world, at this time of the year. Can't say I felt comfortable in this either. I felt very... white. I actually think that because I have white hair, and am a high contrast person, all white doesn't provide the contrast I need. Outfit 2 and 4, when I'm wearing a column of dark, I prefer.

I must say, I'm looking forward to figuring out what I'm going to wear NEXT week! Wow, it's good to have a plan

Would love any suggestions on the outfits themselves that you might have.

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