Hi guys,

Last month we started talking about Stacy London's The Truth About Style. Because quite a few of you wanted to join the conversation but hadn't had time yet to read the book, we decided to reschedule and revisit it in February.

Well, here we are:-)
Hopefully most of you have had a chance to catch up.

To refresh your memory, here are a few conversation starters I added last time:
- What did you think of Stacy's approach, i.e. addressing the underlying emotional "issues" before (and during) creating a new look for the ladies?
- How do you feel about the "I Get It" and "Yes!............And?" features with each chapter?
- Do you think the women selected are a good mix/represent a good variety of different body types, ages, lifestyles...?
- What did you think of the new look and "prescriptions" for each of the women?

Suz, Day Vies, Claire and Kari made some excellent points on the original kick-off thread, so be sure to check those out too.

And then, of course, fire away:-) I'm very much looking forward to hearing your take on the book.