So has anyone here ever heard of Jennifer L. Scott? I read an excerpt of her book Lessons From Madame Chic on Amazon and I'm considering asking for it for Christmas. I'm intrigued by the concept of a 10-item wardrobe (core, with extras, of course).

She has some videos explaining the concept on her website.

When living with a French family in Paris as a foreign exchange student, she observed first hand how her host mother dressed and estimated that the woman only had about ten core items in her wardrobe (not including blazers and outerwear or shoes and accessories). I find this concept so interesting because I don't need a large wardrobe either and I'd like to have fewer things that are better quality.

On her blog, Jennifer's videos show her 10-item wardrobe so you can see exactly how someone has put this into practice. Since she lives in a similar climate to me, it was a major "aha" moment. Plus it's always fun to see inside someone's closet!

What are your thoughts on this?