I've been looking for a formal navy tulle skirt that did not break the bank for YEARS. I ordered this one from Farfetch three weeks ago. It's Italian, made in Italy, and was shipped from Italy.

The order was late, then lost, then cancelled, and almost refunded - until it very unexpectedly landed on my doorstep an hour ago! My word. It was meant to find me

It's creased, and needs to hang out - it's had a bumpy ride! - but in short:


I've been twirling around the loft for a while. It's soooo KILLER swooshy - it doesn't need shoes. I think I'll lounge in it....

It is DARKER in person. The artificial light it making it look lighter.

I can think of a million ways to style it, and will have the skirt forever. My formal wear refresh is coming along! I am finally on Team Tulle Skirt.

Popped it on quickly with a very old black lace top - that Gryffin has too - so I could show you. I wish the lace top were navy, but I can't part with it because it was a gift from my late Papa. But I like black lace with navy!

Excuse the transitional hair. Awkward in-between length as I grow it out. It will look better in July. Thanks for looking! xo