I bought these white sandals, and will be showing my toes this Summer.

I haven't worn sandals since I lived in South Africa - which was 14 years ago. Have simply preferred wearing closed toe footwear with open heels for comfort reasons instead. More insulating in a/c, and generally more polished and dressy for my style.

But I've always LOVED gladiator sandals, and I would wear them if I lived in a hotter climate. But Seattle is milder than it used to be - (climate change) - so I'm giving these a bash. They fit my low volume feel and narrow ankles perfectly and are quite comfortable, which is a very tall order. And they came in a crisp white, which matches the pearly white polish I wear on my toes. Good with skirts, dresses, cropped jeans, and cropped pants.

They shan't be wardrobe workhorses, but a fun change nonetheless. Has the sky fallen in your neck of the woods?