A lot of members expressed interest in participating, so I'm going to try to kick this thing off next week!

The Game: I will start a thread with a participating member who will be the QFOD (Queen For One Day). I will ask that member to give me a style rubric, acronym, goals or other information to familiarize other participants with her, as well as any specific kind of item she is seeking at the moment. If climate, culture or other factors are practical limits, those may also be described.

Then the rest of you will get shopping! Each participant should post one item through Finds or a link that they think fits the QFOD's style. For now I'm going to feature one QFOD per week, for my own sanity and to give people time to shop. NOTE: if the QFOD wants as many suggestions as possible, that will be noted and you can go to town: otherwise, the default is one suggestion per contributor.

Remember, this is more of an exercise than an actual shopping excursion, so budget, reality, and other daily considerations are not a factor. You can post something from Forever 21 or from Prada. I do think it's best to have a limit of each member posting only one special item unless otherwise requested, so the QFOD does not get completely overwhelmed.

There is no obligation for anyone to buy anything! The idea is to get a sense of how well you are communicating your style, see how others perceive your style, broaden your own shopping horizons by shopping outside your usual parameters, and maybe find cool items you never would have found on your own. This is meant to be fun, only fun, and nothing but fun.

I will pick a QFOD randomly, and try my best to have people who are on shopping bans or have budget restrictions be QFOD at a good time for them. The only thing I'd ask is if you want to be a QFOD, please do your best to shop for others as well. And of course, anyone is free to post items they've found, whether or not they want to be a featured member.

New members are welcome too! Just send me a PM or post on my original thread so that I don't lose track of you. Original post here:


Let the Games begin, and may the shopping odds be ever in your favor!