So, as I've said, I have 50 pairs. I'm realising that some get bought for these fantasy personas I have. The high red pair was bought in 2013 for lots of reasons:
1. I adore red, was my favourite colour, maybe not now but still up there.
2. Don't like the look of higher wedges on me usually, but love rope soles. Like the look of espadrilles although don't have any. So these rope soles and heel just grabbed my attention for months. I knew they would be hard to walk in, so did not buy for a long time. Eventually they came down and down in price from initial $ 70 to finally $ 16. I ordered them on-line with other things and free shipping.
3. I think I was imagining a willowy 1970s woman with those long flared jeans and these poking out ( I dressed like that once in 1976 when I was 15 years old with flared jeans and cork platforms. Thought I was so fashionable.) Or with a maxi dress and these poking out. Is there anything much more silly than a 5 foot 2 apple-shaped middle-aged woman with a short grey pixie imaging herself as a willowy 1970s beauty? I ask you.
4. So, I wore them once, for about 20 minutes to a dinner and dance that December. Then I had to take them off and put on my lower heeled red sandals. Cost per wear: $16.
5. I tried to take them to the charity shop this year. But at the last minute I left them in their box in the spare bedroom.
6. I do now have a red maxi I bought in 2015. It's in my profile pic. But if I can't walk in the shoes, the image remains a fantasy, right?

Onto the other pair. These are from maybe 2010. They are my size and they fit. But they are really tight and not comfortable for long. They were on sale in 2010, I no longer have the price, can't remember. But still not cheap. I'm guessing worn 6 times? Why can't I purge them? ( Same thing happened).
1. They are brogues. Love brogues, but especially those with a dainty more feminine feel. These sang to me.
2. I like lime green.
3. They have a 1920s feel in my head, probably my favourite fashion era. But also a sort of 1950s swing dancing feel. Saw a girl doing swing dancing at a free outdoor event wearing them last month. She must have kept hers for years too. It made me glad I hadn't purged them... but they still squeeze my feet. I have learned the hard way these past few years that not all flats are comfortable.

So that's my story. They are both still in the boxes in the spare room.

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