Hey all, I'm going back to the office twice a week, as of next month. (This is omicron dependent, but I think here in NYC there is a momentum towards cautious returns to routine.)

I'd really love some fabulous pants, like pants in this find and the rest of BR's collection. Something fluid and less constricting than skinny or slim dress pants. I can wear my nicer jeans to work, so I am not stuck; I'd just like some fabulous winter pants options because I am feeling that look.

I've had... a hard few months, and my stomach is more bloated than usual due to stress.

I am frustrated at things that otherwise fit running tight on my tummy - especially given that I've worn comfy jeans and pants for the pandemic. I do dress for work from home, but my tolerance for anything constricting has lowered.

Almost everything sells out in my size before I can get around to ordering. I may need to size up and go to a tailor for some items, which would be fine, but the size up is even harder to find. Also, there are more earth tones available this year, and that is just not my jam, especially in pants (olive green is an exception).

I've ordered the pants below, in black, sized up, to start. I also have a few other things on order (Madewell and Marks & Spencer). We shall see how those turn out.

I have scoured Nordstrom, J Crew, LOFT, Ann Taylor, Boden and Gap brands as well. I've considered other retailers that are newer to me, such as Everlane, but have run up against the availability of my size as an issue. Higher end designers don't always have my size at all, but there may be some I am overlooking.

Anyone got some great source for pants for a curvy body that I am missing? I am looking at sizes 14-16. Brands or stores to check out would be good. As I said, I am willing to have alterations done.