I'm going to break up my 2023 wrap up into 2 posts- starting with the things that I wore 30+ times.

Janine King black/ brown bag (2023)- 84!! Best buy of the year.
Black leather tote (2023)- 75. Replaced with a different black tote cause handles wore out.
Michael Kors cognac crossbody (2018?)- 49. This is my second of these, cause it was such a workhorse.
Comfortiva black sandal booties (2022)-45. The one surprise, but last winter was really mild.
Sheridan Mia black heeled sandals (2020)- 38. I have 2 pairs of these in cognac too.
Gold Birkenstocks (2021)- 67. In process of replacing cause too worn to repair. Well over 100 wears easily.
Black rashguard (2022)- 40. Used over swimsuit cause pool is cold, have a newer navy one too.
Birkenstock Arizonas black (2021)-33. In process of replacing (due to condition) with a more refined style.
Banana Republic camel maxi coat (2021)- 30. Needs replacing- hoping to find similar in wool.
Blondo low heeled black booties (2021)- 30.