Happy weekend, fabbers!

I have finished editing sweaters for the season and am thinking of adding another one or two to my collection for the coming winter. When I reviewed the sweaters that I am passing on, I have to say I am incredibly disappointed in how they have worn.

I have a high tolerance for pilling, minor holes and fading, and even some felting on sweaters, but c'mon! Shouldn't they last longer than a season??! One Jcrew all-cotton sweater faded from a deep olive to a muddy grey, with the gentlest of care. One BR sweater turned into a horribly felted mess after only a handful of wears.

I am curious to know if anyone has pinpointed which fabric or blends wear the best for sweaters. Or, what should I avoid? Obviously, if I could shop in-person and feel the piece, it would help. But, I will have to order online, and I want to avoid the cycle of returns, if possible.