The Queen really highlighted to me how much we assume or attribute to a persons demeanor from their public face.

I work in finance, on many levels I am machine like at my work, processing stats, evaluating risk and preparing reports. I have to be professional and efficient at work and this translates to a quite classic wardrobe.

In my private life I am warmer and more approachable and my sartorial choices are more artistic.

Both of these personas are me, but which is the true me? I would hate for a casual work acquaintance to assume I was cold and detached as a mother and wife due to how I mange my work.

I feel the Queen has reserve and dignity in her public life which in this celebrity big brother era are traits which are not always viewed favourably. We know so little of the Queens private world and yet we feel we know enough to be drawn into the film and to believe the scenes could be an accurate reflection of that time.

So I would like to ask you about your public/ private face. Although you work in a suit are you truly your self in loungewear? Do you see the person behind the role? Is it important to portray the real you through your clothing?