Good morning everyone. Welcome to our fourth virtual YLF Book Club meet-up.

We are talking about The Queen, the 2006 British film directed by Stephen Frears, with Helen Mirren starring as Queen Elizabeth II.

The movie depicts the first days after Princess Diana’s death in 1997, when the queen's reluctance to release any official statement and the royal family's apparent lack of mourning caused public outrage. With the eyes of the entire nation and the rest of the world upon the royal family, newly elected Prime Minister Tony Blair decided to take matters into his own hands and persuade the queen to pay tribute to the “People’s Princess” after all.

I thought Helen Mirren's performance (speech patterns, way of walking, subtle display of emotions) was brilliant. I loved getting a better insight into royal protocol and the relationship between the queen and Mr. Blair. I also very much enjoyed the interaction between the different members of the royal family, the scenes at Balmoral and, of course, all the sartorial choices.

There's plenty to talk about, and I'm super curious to hear what you thought of the movie, so over to you.