I think I am pretty much set for the season with my latest purchases including some hole fillers and wildcard playthings. However I have 3 major holes still gaping:
- white straight leg full length jeans ;
- navy classic blazer;
- a new puffer.
While I can theoretically live without white jeans and navy blazer for another year if needed a new puffer is a priority. My cream puffer has seen 4 seasons and while I loved the color feeling so fresh and uplifting in winter it looks past its prime right now. I can still use if for the walks in the woods (especially at night - he-he) but I desperately need a new puffer for work and other activities. It is a necessity in Canadian winters!

Not seeing anything in the stores I turned online. I see that both LL Bean and Lands End have long puffers which I am considering now.
For LE I am considering Smokey Plum or Neptune Blue.
For LLBean - Darkest Violet
I know that Inge got LE puffer in plum last year and is happy with it. It comes in Tall which is a bonus. In addition LE has pretty good return policy with only $9 shipping back cost so LE puffer is a strong contender...
...but if LLBan puffer is a better quality and more flattering I would risk the return fee. I do like the faux fur on the hood and the fact that it is removable: having fur around your face when it is very cold is nice.
Has anybody seen LLBean puffer IRL? They do not have Tall sizes but it looks pretty long on the model. Should I go for LE as the easiest option for me or should I try LLBean as well?
And for LE - which color you prefer for me: blue or purple?

Thanks for your help: I am sure YLF sisterhood will not let me freeze to death this winter!