Along with my collection of ponte/skinny pants, on a whim I ordered some jeans from the same line. (Because they had Talls! Wow!) I am really not a jeans-wearer. I pretty much gave up in college because of fit difficulty, expense, and discomfort. Now I really have very little need for them.

That said, every so often it would be nice to have some. In my community jeans = casual, and sometimes I may seem more dressed-up than everyone else. Especially when it's leggings + short dress instead of jeans + t-shirt.

The try-on was... interesting. These are officially mid-rise jeans. They are way lower than anything I'm usually comfortable wearing. First, because of where they fit on my hip-fluff. Second, and bigger concern, how far they ride down when I sit. I wouldn't wear anything that would show, but they still make me feel so uncomfortable and insecure. I know these don't have the upward back curve that some jeans use to address this issue.

The fit on the skinnies was definitely better. The bootcut clung to my knees and thighs and I could feel them being pulled down on my hips even as I walked. Interestingly, the bootcut are the next bigger size than the skinnies; the site was out of stock in the larger size for the skinnies.

I guess my real question: Is my sensitivity to the sitting issue just mine? Is this normal on women my size/with my fluff, and is it something I can/should get accustomed to? Or should I just find some nice jeggings to wear under my long tunics/short dresses? Price point, time searching, and gas are definitely a consideration for this denim thing. I don't want to re-invent what I wear; it would just be nice if an affordable item like this could provide me some more options.

#1-6 bootcut
#7-12 skinny

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