Several years ago, before YLF, I used to be a "saver". I had some nice clothes, and for the most part, I'd save them for special occasions. But around the time I joined YLF, I decided that that was stupid, and I should just dress better all the time and not save those nice clothes. So I did, and I've never looked back. Which is overall a good thing--I wear most of the clothes I buy, mostly fairly frequently, and I'm often very well dressed.

BUT--I sometimes wonder if I skew overdressed, as I'm sometimes wearing clothes just for my everyday life (work, casual social events) that many other people consider special occasion clothing--i.e. j.crew or madewell silk or lace dresses that based on online comments most others are wearing for say, weddings. I'm also not the best about maintaining silk, etc. either, since I live in a rental with shared laundry--which means that I wear the garment multiple times with airings in between but no washing (hopefully that's not TMI). I also usually cook in whatever clothes I'm wearing and that can be these nicer garments--I've ruined silk blouses by getting oil spatter on them. Part of the reason why I end up wearing nice things for cooking or to work is that I tend to like only wearing one outfit all day until i change into my pajamas--so if I have a social event after work, I'll show up to work wearing whatever dress I want to wear to it, or if I've worn something nice to work and am cooking afterwards, I'll just keep it on. I get great joy out of wearing these clothes but I wonder if I come off as a bit odd for doing so--though all of these clothes are modest enough for the workplace.

The other frustrating aspect of being a "wearer of nice clothes" is that nothing then becomes good enough for a special occasion, because you're used to wearing it on a day-to-day basis. Angie, close your ears, but I've taken to wearing fancy maxi dresses to weddings because they're the only type of dress I won't wear day-to-day (due to the floor-sweeping impracticality and need to wear heels) so they still have that special "dress-up" feel.

Does anyone else feel similarly? Are you a saver or a wearer?