So last week I started a conversation about how I was overwhelmed with all the choice available for today's styles. What came out of it were several very insightful of which resonated with me and spurred me onto this next stage of my style evolution. What I need to do is some hard work on determining what "me" is and using that information to be able to edit down the choices available and choose the stuff that is "me" going forward.

So I was looking at some photos of myself and noticing that I like having some sort of topper. What I also noticed is that I have been wearing those drapey front cardigans pretty solidly the past 2 years or so. I jumped on the drapey cardi trend very early and went all in....there are 5 drapey cardis in the closet. Now I am realizing I and done with drapey cardis. I just feel like I have worked my way through that trend and I am ready to move onto the next thing. So I took the drapey cardis out of the closet. I now have 5 hangers ready for new toppers. But what will they be?

Some things I am observing about my style:
1) I prefer black/white/gray
2) While i like drapey, I think I am evolving more towards architectural drape. That is a new concept for me and I like it.
3) I prefer casual clothes
4) I prefer arty-architectural styles. I am super obsessed with looking at the Eileen Fisher website right now. I am loving the new fall line! What does one call the EF look?

I may go into my closet and remove anything that is not heading down the EF road and see what is left. I think I have already been heading that way without realizing it. OK. So it looks like I have just given myself some more homework!

I am hoping that others that enjoy this sort of style can provide some input on how to achieve that look. I am really hoping some power shoppers can point me to the way of finding this new replacement topper that will suit my style....this style that I am still trying to define.