We are just back from a few days in Nashville, TN to celebrate my niece’s graduation, and attended several campus events over 3 days. Family and friends from across the US (and international) attended, and the clear trend was jumpsuits. Dressy as they come to more casual. I was inspired and I may seriously consider adding one to my dressy capsule. (In case you were wondering, the lines for the women’s restrooms moved at a normal pace!)

I will clarify that the early 20-year-old graduates were almost all in (very) short, strappy dresses

I was happy wearing my new spring midi skirt (slit stitched closed 3” and hemmed 3”) but didn’t see many midi styles— more just to the knee and maxi lengths.

Gushing with pride for my smart, kind and beautiful niece who will head to grad school in Virginia next fall.