Hi friends, I feel like I'm veering dangerously close to shopaholic status! I've bought a couple of pairs of jeans to try based on everyone's feedback, combined with availability of sizes, etc.

1. Wide leg crops - I actually like these a lot more than I thought I would - I sort of bought them to say I tried, but was extremely tempted (possibly would have needed a size down).

2. Cigarette leg crops - These were 'heck yes' when I put them on - close enough to my tried and true style, but the finished hem, lighter wash, and higher waist make them different enough from my standard to feel fresh. I also really like that this wash feels neutral to me, whereas some lighter washes read as colourful.

Ultimately, I am going to keep the cigarette leg jeans and return the wide legs. Even though I really like the wide legs, the question I couldn't find a good answer for was "When would I choose these over the other pair?" As someone who tends to repeat favorites, I know these would play second fiddle and I can't see a useful purpose they would fill. I also think the slimmer jeans will be more versatile and see a longer season of wear; summer in Toronto is pretty hot and gross, so summer jeans doesn't make a ton of sense, and these seem to have more of a summer vibe to my eye at this point. So back they go, and if I come to regret it, well, they won't be the last wide leg jeans I can ever find!

Thoughts welcome! Thanks for reading!

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