Sara, yeah, if I love the dress, it may be worth adding the snap. I may wear a cami anyway.

ophelia, I hear you - our clothes should not be so fussy! I will put up with it this case because the dress makes me soooo happy, and because the fixes are relatively simple. I actually would use a demi cami, like the one in this Find (not this color though). That solves the bunching problem.

I will add that I don't think the design is flawed per se, except for those who don't like a deep vee; whether I want to show that much cleavage will depend on where I'm wearing it. People's comfort levels vary on that topic! I'm just smaller on top than on the bottom, so there's more gapping than an hourglass figure might have, and it's not uncommon for me to have to alter the top of a dress because I'm pear shaped, and short-waisted to boot. ETA: That said, I agree that it would be better if a wrap style top or dress came with the two sides sewn together (unless it's a true wrap, which this is not).

Angie - I happened to be wearing a different combat boots when I tried it on. Perfect 90's synergy.

Christina, whoa, those demi camis are amazing! And they have straps thick enough to cover bra straps! I haven't bought any clothing for at least six months but these may just do me in. I'm definitely in the no-cleavage camp. I noticed they say "no-pill modal" too!
But yes, "fussy" is exactly the word I was looking for. No more fussy clothes for me, I hope!

@ophelia sports bras and tube tops work too when its too hot for a full cami!

ophelia - those camis are amazing. Mine has held up well for about 2 years of use. I have that color but I want a darker one too.

Suntiger, the heat is another aggravation with camis because I live in (north) Florida. They're fine from December to March, but then, agony.
Sadly all my sports bras have worn out and I have yet to replace them. I just use older regular bras. Not ideal for support, I know!
I do have this three-pack of tube top things my mom got me years ago ("as seen on TV" deal), but two of them are lace, which while pretty, don't help at work, and one is some sort of stone-age type of polyester, thick and scratchy, that causes unbearable between-boob sweat. So they don't get much use.
I may have to break my shopping fast and spring for a demi-cami....

Love everything but especially the Madewell dress. SO fab on you. Great spring refresh!

That's good to know that they hold up well, Christina, and very important to me. I used to way over-shop in proportion to my income and expenses, and it took a long time, and a lot of digging out of the debt pit, to break the habit. So when I part with my money, I need things to LAST!!
Sorry to hijack thread with clothing frustrations!

It’s okay, Ophelia. Dealing with this stuff is tricky.

Thanks kellygirl!

Gorgeous Madewell dress. My favourite of your purchases this year.

Thanks, smittie! I have an event tomorrow night that I may wear it to. I’m so excited!

I haven’t altered it yet but I’m going to use fashion tape. I will alter it eventually as I hate dealing with fashion tape.

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