Runcarla, that’s brilliant! I have never tried to remove shoulder pads to increase arm length before, and I understand exactly what you are saying about the potential consequences. I believe there is enough fabric here to allow about a full inch of sleeve lengthening.

cjh, your diagram is very helpful! Thanks for sharing!

Angie, if I decide it makes sense, I can keep both the Hobbs and the Tibi.

Karen13, it’s hard to see in the picture, but the sleeves really are a bit too short. They need at minimum 1/2” increase.

lyn67, I end up rolling the sleeves of most of my shirts, and pushing up my sleeves on sweaters, mostly to hide that they are too short!

RobinF, thanks! I am happy to have found a trench in a nice color. One of my big shopping goals for 2019!

ElizabethP, the smaller size is already in the return post.

I am just chiming in to say that I am in love with this trench for you and am so glad you are likely keeping the size 10. The colour is just STUNNING on you. I want it too!!

Plus, I am with Jessikams about your smile!

Late here, but wanted to say that this one in the larger size is wonderful! Perfection!