Hi Fabbers,

I was looking at some old photos on my computer today and discovered some long forgotten treasures!!!! One thing that jumped out at me as I browsed through 8-9 years of photographs was the transformation of my hair! Here, I share my story with you:

My original hair texture is not straight. I have curly hair, and it can be unruly (or so I remember). I can't remember the last time my hair was all-natural, since I do a hair straightening treatment every year now. I dont like to spend a lot of time on my hair (Ok...i hate to spend ANY time on my hair, in reality) so I need a long-lasting treatment. I a wash-and-go kind of girl.

#1 and #2 are taken the week after my wedding, so that's my hair in its all-natural form. I had completely forgotten my hair looked like THAT ever! Please bear in mind, those photos are 8 years old now.

I bought a hair straighter after my wedding and have the same length but straighter hair in #3. This is before I could afford the hair straightening treatments, so I had to painfully straighten my unruly hair every time I wanted a sleek look.

After we moved to Gurgaon (the city where I now live), I decided to cut my hair short. #4 shows you my hair when it was in its natural form, while #5 must be a day I straightened out my short hair.

Since my hair grows super fast, within the same 6 month time period, my hair became much longer and I almost always wore a pony-tail. See Image #6. I know this because we lived in the rented apartment I can see in both photos.

I think it was in 2009 that I got my first hair straightening treatment. The result was definitely smoother and sleeker and I still love the hairstyle I had in Image #7. I think I want to go back to that!

Its been fun showing you my different hairstyles. If you got this far....would you mind telling me which of these hairstyles do you like the best?

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