As you all might remember form my recent post, I was desperately seeking smart casual pants that were warm to replace my Lululemon On The Fly pants, which I wore every day since March.

Some amazing responses to my thread - thank you! Do I washed to report back in case it was helpful.

Sadly, there is not one Holy Grail pant that replaces my OTF for winter (I wish there was a lined version!) But here are some great ones I ended up with:

@Angie and many others suggested Uniqlo so I thought I would give them a shot:
Uniqlo HeatTech Jeans - Uniqlo has come out with jeans with the heattech lining, and they were warm and comfortable as promised. i liked these and have kept them for weekends etc, but they fit like jeggings, which isn't my first prefernce (I like a tailored slim fit.)

On @Nemosmom's urging, I bought the pile-lined sweatpants and they are perfect cozy joggers to just lounge in.

The Uniqlo Heattech skinny legging pants were not my favourite because they showed every lump and bump and looked like sausage casing on me, but might work well on others.

They also had HeatTech grey flannel pants, which I thought might be a dressier option, but they were a bit dumpy somehow - i looked like a bus driver.

I ordered the Gap Warm Joggers on a whim (finds below) and was pleasantly surprised with them. They are more of a stretch cotton twill, but they are warmer than jersey and not too fitted (straight through the leg, tapering to an elasticated bottom.). I kept the navy and grey.

The only lined pant liked from lululemon was the Dance studio jogger, which I actually loved. well made, warm, soft, a step up from regular joggers, and a comfy waistband. I only wish they had more colours!
They have the regular lined dance studio pant, but I don't like the straight leg as much.

Banana Republic:
@Erin suggested a pair of BR pants that were on the dressier side, but pull-on and fully lined (find below.)  Honestly, these are glorious. Definitely dressier, but a warm wool blend that drapes well, fully lined in a soft microfiber-feel lining, and a lovely colour. I'm keeping these as a work pant. And a great price too - this is a real find from BR! Thanks @Erin!

Old Navy:
No options for warm pants, but a great dupe for the On The Fly jogger at a much better price point - though this one is high waisted (find below - @Carla, take note.)

Phew! That was quite the pant search - and now I have a bunch of returns to do! But I think i am all set for winter WFH