Building on @Helena's post - I realized I have a big gap in my closet for the upcoming winter. I need smart casual pants that are WARM and COMFORTABLE that I can walk in and not feel cold.

My temperate weather go to's are my Lululemon On the Flys, and I have worn one of my four pairs every day since the pandemic began.

I could do track pants but I want something just a little more smart (but still elastic waist.) I would go with leggings but I still find them too cold in the depths of winter, especially in Toronto.

Fleece pants that are straight leg would be ideal, but I don't know where to find those. I don't want the wide-legged ones as they will overwhelm me and be hard to manage outside.

What do you suggest? Anything from Uniqlo? Ponte pants that are pull-on? Tell me your go-tos, Fabbers! (Bonus points if available in Canada - we don't have Athleta here.)