This is by far the most items I ever purchased for the future!

7 out of the 10 were consignment finds- which is probably more than I've bought on consignment total in several years.
The remaining ones were the coat, on big sale, the loafers, and the darker brown sweater. The coat was the one I hemmed and hawed over in a previous post and decided to keep. The shoes I snapped up cause they don't fall off my skinny heels- so HEWI. The sweater was an add on cause I needed some other thing on Big Warehouse, so I bought it to push it to free shipping.

So why did I buy all this stuff, months ahead of when I need it? I've been super unhappy with my winter wardrobe- well forever...A lot of what I had was just a hot mess together: loosy goosy, long over lean- and a looot of color. Brights and black, which I just don't like wearing together. My beige/camel pieces have seen a lot of wear this summer, and I wanted to replicate the look for cold weather and try to rein in the chaos.

I'm not planning to do a 180 and completely toss all the bright, loosy goosy stuff. I'll be combining them with these simpler pieces.

Going forward, I want to move to a French 5 (or less), so I get out of the cycle of replacing so many magpie pieces at once. For now though, it's all about building the foundation!