Ahhh maahhh gawwd! I love it and I want one. I also love those shoes. Now I’m going to check out the other colour....
** it reminds me of Anne’s plaid twist front dress, also fabulous.

Gorgeous as always! Love the red.

I wish I could plan ahead as you do. We're currently in the deep freeze in Ontario. I just can't wrap my head around warm weather dressing yet.

Thanks so much, ladies.

Mntsofthemoon, I just found very nice white ballet flats that might work too. You might like them since we share similar footwear challenges and aesthetics.

Now if anyone can send along the Summer weather, I'd be grateful...

Clapping! Love you in the red. Between your smile and the bright color, the joy takes the day.

Looks wonderful on you! The red is great with your glasses. Pretty shoes!

Wow, it's stunning!
I'm 5'4", so wondering if it would be down to the ankles on me. Looks like a complicated dress to shorten..
Are you wearing a size 0?

Dazzling with your glasses, pearl & smile. Absolutely love that dress on you.

Thanks for the kind words, ladies. You make me smile!

Mel, I'm 5ft 6 for length comparison, so it shan't be too long on you - and it's quite easy to hem, although it doesn't look it. Yes, this dress is a size US 0.

So lovely... matches your specs perfectly!

Thanks, Angie! I lean naturally towards the red, but I have too much red clothing already! So thinking of trying the ivory. It would be a step out of the box for me.

looks great! good choice