Yay for RED! Love it, and the t-straps look great with it. Congrats!

It looks really super! Lovely with your specs! I like your Furla.

WOW, WOW, absolutely terrific Angie, perfect fit and color , you look like a princess. Love, love so much.

Looks awesome. I was, however, immediately worried the shoes were too big. They look too big Glad you got red!

This dress was made for you! It looks much better on you than in the website picture. Fabulous!

Yep, wonderful on you. Not the red I expected--much less orange-y. It's a great color for you!

It’s really nice on you, much better than in the store pictures. Enjoy your new dress!

sometimes the universe just gives you the answer....nice of Macy's to make up your mind for you....love the dress

Oh, what an amazing dress on you!
Macy's obviously read your blog post about red being your colour as well...

Suuuuper cute and it looks great on you!

Looks great on you! I can't wait to wear mine and as I said in my edited post I'm keeping the smaller size as it fits better. The bigger size hung weirdly from my shoulders and just didn't sit correctly under the bust.
I love the red, for some reason the white color in the picture gave me a weird night dress type vibe, it probably doesn't look that way IRL though !

Oh, yess!:-) I forgot your new melon specs which match so good with the red one!:-)) YLF Angie!

Wow, love this. The knotted fabric on the waist adds such nice flowy-ness. And the shoes are great with it!

That color looks great on you! I love how it matches your specs. those flat t-straps are a fun choice with the dress. I hope they end up working out.

I love it! So glad you got the red, it looks smashing on you.

I was tempted myself, but this would probably be a poor choice for me, as it would not be a summer dress (can’t do long sleeves in summer) and our transitional seasons are too short to bother. And it would probably not work for winter.

So happy it works for you though! Maybe I’ll find a good summer-for-me version in the coming months.

OMG that wrap/cinched waist makes your legs look a MILE long! Gorgeous!!

K2K to the power of 10

Nobody could wear or style this dress better... perfection! Funny how you ended up not having to make a decision.

Looks fab on you,karma that the red matches your glasses.lt was meant to be.

Looks gorgeous on you! When fate intervenes sometimes it's best to just go with it.

Elegant and beautiful ! If it launders well, I would re-order the white.

How LOVELY, you all are. Thank you for the awfully kind words (and chuckles), ladies. I can't wait to wear the dress in three months.....

Jenni, YES on the shoes. This is what I said to Suntiger who had the same thought:

"It's those low volume feet of mine. That said, I'm tilting my foot and accentuating the gap, IYKWIM. They fit better in person, and I WILL make sure they don't rub there before I commit to them. Thank you" .

Im just sensitive to it cause the ones I bought (similar back shape), that seemed very comfy in store, but didnt even last me a mile without blisters

Thank you, Lesley.

Suntiger, you are dead right to be sensitive to that type of fit. I am too. I'm watching them

May I ask what you mean by "not Boden quality on the seams and hems"? I just got my very first Boden sweater, and am not sure I'm impressed. Whether it plays well with other pieces will be the real test, but it wouldn't hurt to have my eyes opened to other strong points it may have.

FashIntern, I'm comparing WOVEN seams and hems. French seams, binding, neat stitching, fusing, lining. The FP dress has basic overlocked seams. Cheap production operation. Your item is a knit - so not comparable in the same way.

What I probably should've asked is what are comparable marks of quality to look for in a sweater.

Yes there are. Feel free to start another thread.

Beautiful dress and the color is perfect on you. I am pleasantly surprised the print doesn't look like a "country handkerchief" like I was worrying about from the stock photo. But THOSE SHOES!!!! ARE TO DIE FOR. I absolutely love them. I may copy you. ....we have similar sartorial tastes in footwear and somewhat similar foot issues.

I guess red was meant to be! Looks fantastic!