As I get further into eating a plant-based diet (I'm not all the way there yet, but have essentially removed all meat from my diet) , I've been struggling with the whole issue of leather used in bags , footwear, jackets, gloves etc. I just don't want to eat anything that has been killed for my food consumption, and am now unhappy with not being true to my philosophy and still wearing and using leather.

I just can't be half-way about this for fashion. It no longer feels right to me, and I'm trying to figure out how to address this. I am a real lover of leather everything and will need to shift my mindset here. Do any of you follow this philosophy ? Have you found a fashion-forward resource for vegan bags, boots etc? I already know of Matt & Nat as it's a Canadian brand. Their bags are ok, but all look the same. And , it's not really a look I'm in love with. It's shoes and boots I'm concerned with. This is a big step to take.....but something I feel necessary to do if I am going to walk the talk.

Your input is greatly, greatly appreciated. Resources, ideas for dressing without leather etc.