I’m looking for shopping help again, please. It’s particularly difficult to get into US sites from here, or to do a general search that would bring up mostly US sites (unless I get a vpn).

I’m not about the race to the bottom, understand the reasons things cost what they do. I don’t want to buy from Amazon or Topshop. However, I think I’ve seen dresses like I’m looking for at the price I want from decent labels, and it’s just a matter of not being able to put my hands on them right now. I certainly don’t need anything terrifically fancy to justify the price tag—no tricky seams, embroidery, built-in bra, etc.

This is what I’d like to get a niece for Christmas, but then her sister and both my nephews would go without presents. That won’t help with family harmony! Can you help me find a similar one for about a third the price (so $25-40)? https://athleta.gap.com/browse.....ge-content
I’m looking for a size US 2 or 4 simple sweatshirt or T-shirt dress with sleeves that falls around the knees and has an athletic look. Could be a track suit feel like this, a baseball shirt kind of look, or basketball jersey vibe. Very casual, aka loungewear. Needs to have some black or white in it, but not be all black or all white. Adidas, Nike, Puma, Fila, and others have some that are very close and are in my price range, but they have a huge logo that would irritate. A cute graphic would be fine. Long sleeves (or 3/4 on a baseball style) preferred but not required.

If you’ve seen anything that might suit, could you lmk? Please and thank you!

ETA Joe Fresh quality is fine. This could maybe work, if it had black instead of navy. https://www.joefresh.com/ca/Ca.....11463_2900

Hm, wonder what my family would say about us putting her on team Deutschland. https://www.zalando.de/adidas-.....q-a12.html