That is an adorable top, and I love the way you have styled it. it looks graphic and modern to me, not kitch-y at all.

Love it! Great design with the cream sleeves and the banded neck. Putting real photos onto fabric doesn't always look that great but this fabric is great, especially with the silhouettes interspersed with the photos. My fav look is with the shorts and naot sandals - simple and lovely!

For all the cat lovers (including me) I just found a kitty print on the same website where the dog fabric came's pretty cute too! It's called "kitty party"

It turned out great! Clever to combine with the cream, makes it look more .. Upscale? Can't think of the word than doing a solid tee of the printed material. LOVE with the billowy white pants in the first look! Those are soooo fab.


How can you in a doggie tee not be Killer all round, Sharan.

I LOVE IT! Brilliant idea to combine it with cream panels on the sides.

Thanks, everyone, for your comments! I appreciate all the dog-love, and thanks, Chris987, for offering something for the cat-lovers, too! I'm glad to hear the design is a hit.

Yes, Bijou, there is a Westie! And Collette, it looks like a Maltese to me.
Skylurker, there is no Yorkie, alas, since all the dogs pictured are black or white.

Maneera, I love your idea of a shift dress. Now I want to get into my sewing room and work on that one! I have another fabric that will coordinate, so I could use the dog portraits judiciously. I like the dress idea, because it's not another t-shirt. I don't know how many dog t-shirts I need. (though I see there is some demand for them here. I'm not ready to go into business--too many other things I want to make.)

Oh, smashing top! I love the dog print. And the top looks great with the white pants and jacket. (With the shorts, too, but I'm partial to those super cool white pants)

I think I missed the original post. I love this t-shirt. I have a hard time finding graphic tees that I like because I have to identify with the message in some way. The dogs are doing it for me.

Fantastic! Specially with the white pants.

Both outfits look great but I love #1. The tee with those pants is fab. Do you have a link or a find for those? And you really should go into business, your designs are really unique.

I love this. Did you make it? I'm so envious. I have a sewing machine but I'm too lazy to teach myself.

I had an aunt who was a tailoress and when ever I went to stay with her, she would whip me up a couple of dresses in a really pretty design.

I think its nice to have unique items in your wardrobe that speak to you. I have just bought pants today similar to the ones you are wearing here....great to see how you have styled them.

Angela, I don't. They are by Kleen, and I got them at a local boutique.

Sally, yes, I made the t-shirt, not the other items. Your aunt sounds very talented. My mother made a lot of my clothes, and I learned from her. If you want to learn to sew, you don't have to do it yourself; you can take some classes to get started. It's much easier that way.

What a great print! I say with a print like this you just have to go big. When I first saw the print my thought was that you should do a dress. I like the shift dress idea. In fact I have a shift dress from H&M with a smaller dog print.

It is so playful, I love it! I had envisaged it with black panels, but I see that it works even better with cream. Fantastic job!

So darn cute!!!

Hey there is a Samoyed on that T shirt! Of course I love it. Great idea to mix it with the white material.

I love it. You have done a brilliant job making it and styling it.

Now I want a cat tee, a dog tee and a budgerigar tee.

I had no doubt when you showed us this


fabric that you will come up with something great.

Love it, and I am totally surprised that I do. I missed the original post but this is quite amazing work. It's the use of the cream and the color blocked sleeve and sides that are so brilliant, Sharan. As Aida says there is something upscale about it, or sophisticated - not your typical graphic tee. I could easily see a cream shift with a strip of the doggy faces at the slides and/or in the middle of the front in a narrow ribbon, somewhat the inverse of this design. I think there is a lot of potential for using this adorable print in special ways with your incredible skills. Can't wait to see what else you do.

That is awesome! Love it all.

Yes this is pretty bad meaning good. I'm loving these pants.

Viva, I was thinking I'd like to play with the design that way, too--a horizontal panel. Thanks for the ideas!

CocoCat, I have no idea what a budgerigar is--off to Google!

StyleFan, yes, your Samoyed is included! What a pretty face.

The tee came out great! I love it!

I seriously love that shirt! great use of blocking and not a bit kitschy!