I wanted a new scarf to wear with my black coat. I have a white scarf similar to the find below that I wear with this coat, but it sheds a bit which leaves fibers on the collar. I also have a pale blue cashmere that I wear with it but I wanted something different.

I bought the madewell grey/camel one. Nice colors, soft wool, seemingly just right. However, it's got a bunch of square holes in a grid pattern, that were added purposely. The holes are about the size of a dollar coin.

My first reaction was What the ??? but I tried to be open minded. I caught my fingers in the holes several times while I was trying it on. That means it will easily catch on other things. I guess clothing manufacturers don't actually try stuff on before they start selling them.

Of the course the item description said nothing about this. You can almost see the holes in the find if you zoom in but I never would have noticed it before ordering it.

I wish I could find something witty to say but I'm just moving on.......

Feel free to chime in with some witty sayings.....:-)