I have previously thought that yellow and gold were colours I could not wear. However, I seem to be acquiring quite a few yellow toned items and been pleasantly surprised that they work on me.

My hair is currently closer to platinum blonde rather than the honey tones that I wore when younger, which may be the reason that something I previously thought was terrible on me now feels fab. Also, my yellow pieces are generally mixed with other colours that are good on me - prints with pinks and reds in two dresses.

This seems to be working in reverse too. I previously liked grey and beige. I can wear them, but they feel flat on me and I need brights to made them feel more like me. Previously I was happy to wear black and grey or black and beige - but now I want more colour. So I am not sure whether this is just a personal preference or if as I am getting older, my colouring has changed.

So is anyone else experiencing something similar - trying a new colour that they thought would be deathly and actually liking it?

In finds are my collection of items with yellow.